Most Commonly Used Pneumatic Valves in Pakistan

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There are huge variety of pneumatic valves available in market from different manufacturers. But in this article we are going to discuss the most commonly and frequently used pneumatic valves in the industry of Pakistan.

What is a Pneumatic Valve?

The term “pneumatic valve” generally has two different contexts of use which definitely require some explanation before going further. In the first context, a pneumatic valve is a device that is used to control (modulate) the flow of air or another inert gas in a pneumatic system. They do so by controlling the air or gas at the source, regulating its passage as needed into different devices, tubing or pipes in an automated pneumatic system. The actuation component that causes the pneumatic valve to open or close might be accomplished by, manually, electrically, via a solenoid or motorized actuator, or even pneumatically. The important thing to note in this case is that it is pressurized air or gas that is being controlled and which is flowing through the valve ports in the pneumatic system.

In the second context, air is being used as the “control mechanism” on the valve, but the media that is actually flowing through the valve ports is something other than air, may be steam, water, oil, or some other fluid. In this context, the pneumatic valve is functioning to provide flow control in a valve, but the fluid being controlled is NOT air. The air is serving as the control media, being passed through a pneumatic actuator to open, close, or modulate flow as needed. These valves are therefore sometimes referred to as pneumatically-actuated valves. For an example a 5 way solenoid can be used on the actuator of butterfly valve to control the butterfly valve with the help of air (Pneumatically). But this butterfly valve may be used in a line of water.

Following are types of pneumatic valves used in Pakistan.

Types of pneumatic valves used in Pakistan

1.      Brass Pneumatic Solenoid Valve / Brass 2 way Solenoid Valve

These are most commonly used among the other pneumatic valves and they are also called 2 way solenoid valves. These pneumatic valves are used for air, water and oil applications. They come in brass and stainless-steel body material. Diaphragm seal comes in different materials like VITON, NBR, EPDM. In Pakistan mostly diaphragm comes in EPDM. Maximum pressure comes in 10kgf/cm2 with AC220V 50/60 HZ coil. In Pakistani industry mostly used sizes are ¼” to 2” but PAKCIA stock sizes 1/4” to 3”. They come in normally closed option but one can also find in normally open setting. Pressure range 0-0.7 Mpa and proof pressure 1.0 Mpa. These are suitable for normal temperature for example VITON temperature is -30 to 120 c and NBR -30 to 80 c. Lubrication is not required in these valves. Minimum activation time for these brass solenoid valves is 0.05 seconds.

2 way Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Price in Pakistan

If you want to check what is the price of a Brass 2 way solenoid valve with 220Volts coil (Brand: RIH China) in Pakistan then you can click here. These pneumatic valves we can use for low pressure (upto 10 bar) and mostly used for air, water applications.

In Pakistan for steam applications Uni-D brand is most popular. Price of Uni-D Brass Solenoid Valve of size: 1", Threaded Connection in Pakistan at PAKCIA is Rs. 9500/-.

2 way Pneumatic Solenoid Valve in Pakistan

2.      5/2, 5/3, 3/2 Way Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

This type of smart solenoid valves are used commonly in Textile, Spinning and Weaving Units, Sugar Plants, Chemical Industry, Cement Industry, Fertilizers and heavy mechanical manufacturing units in Pakistan. These valves come with 24VDC or 220AC coils.

There are different brands available in Pakistan for pneumatic solenoid valves like AIRTAC, RIH, CHUKA etc.

5 Way Pneumatic Solenoid Valve in Pakistan

3.      Pneumatic Y Valve / Angel Seat Valve

Pneumatic Y-valve is mostly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries of Pakistan. Pneumatic Y Valve is also known as angel seat valve. In Pakistan these angle seat valves come in only two end connections (Threaded and Flange Type). These valves are made of stainless steel with two different head materials. In full Stainless Steel Y valves body and head come in Stainless Steel while other consists of plastic head and stainless steel body.

Pneumatic Angel Seat Valve

4.      Pneumatic Cylinder / Pneumatic Jacks

Pneumatic cylinders also known as air cylinders are devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion. Pneumatic cylinders are used most commonly in many industries. The material of the pneumatic air cylinder depends upon job specification. Material range from nickel-plated brass to aluminum, and even steel and stainless steel. It also depends on the level of loads, temperature, humidity, and stroke lengths specified.

Sizes of Pneumatic Cylinders

Air cylinders are available in different sizes and can typically range from a small 2.5 mm (110 in) air cylinder, which might be used for picking up a small transistor or other electronic component, to 400 mm (16 in) diameter air cylinders which would impart enough force to lift a car. In Pakistan most commonly used sizes are 32mm to 250mm in Diameter and length of cylinder range from 25mm to 800mm. Here you can find a pneumatic cylinder of size 63mm X 150mm manufactured by RIH Brand.

Pneumatic Cylinders importer in Pakistan

Pneumatic Cylinder Price in Pakistan

Price of pneumatic cylinders and Air jacks varies from size to size. You can check price of 200mm X 300mm pneumatic cylinder here.

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